Types of yarn

Caligaris Spa produces a variety of open-end yarns for knitting and weaving.  The standard count , for both single and twisted, is in the range of Nm 5 to Nm 20.  Fibers  used include  natural fibres  like cotton, wool, linen and silk in addition to synthetic and artificial fibers, like acrylic, polyester and viscose.

All these fibers , dyed or ecru, can be blended together in different percentages to give rise to yarns suited to a variety of end-uses in flat and circular knitting, weaving for upholstery and clothing and  technical fabrics.

One of Caligaris Spa's key strengths lies in the company's use of recycled, pre-dyed materials. This type of  process calls for the continuing search for and control over materials in order to guarantee the suitability of the yarns  for the end-use.
Work  carried out in our quality control laboratory focuses on  reproducing  the colour while a lot of investment in the department for the preparation and blending of fibers has concentrated on  ensuring that the composition and colour of a single lot remains consistent throughout. The use of recycled materials in the production of dyed yarns is particularly interesting in that its market price is advantageous and there are savings to the environment as these materials would otherwise be discarded and need disposing of.

The company offers two different categories of service for its  products:

  1. Yarns in stock service: This series of yarns is always in stock on demand to satisfy customers’ needs for a wide range of colours, classic and fashion, and quick delivery. This service offers daily shipments,  from a few kilos up to bulk orders.
  2. Yarns to order: This category comprises all other yarns which as the result of years of experience have become standard with customers . They are produced on request and to order.

Caligaris Spa is always ready to propose and develop new types of yarns and blends to meet its customers’ requirements.